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Audit Reports

Economic Impact Aid

OPEB Retiree Benefit Actuarial Valuation Reports

Actuarial Valuation of Post Employment Benefits Other Than Pension Reports

Elementary School District 2016
High School District 2016

Elementary School District 2014
High School District 2014


To view the entire Maintenance Yard and Monitoring report, click here

Maintenance Yard- Corrective Action Plan

About Us

Welcome to SRCS Business Services

The Business Services office of San Rafael City Schools is committed to serving the local community with the highest standards of fiscal responsibility. 

Our staff is responsible for both districts' budgets, purchasing, payroll, developer fees, and senior exemptions.  

2016-2017 Adopted Budget Reports

Elementary District 

SRCS Elementary School District 2016-2017 Budget Narrative

Budget Fingertip Facts

General Fund

High School District

SRCS High School District 2016-2017 Budget Narrative

Budget Fingertip

General Fund

Copies of further budget documentation may be requested from the Business Services Office or online here. Please scroll down to the following sections:

Section X.4. Elementary

Section  X.5. High School


2016-2017 First Interim Budget

Please click HERE for the SRCS First Interim Budgets 

Section XII.4. Elementary 

Section XII.5. High School


2016-2017 Second Interim

Please Click HERE for the SRCS Second Interim Budgets

XI.4. Elementary School District Budget Revision #2 and the Second Interim Report for 2016-17 
  XI.5. High School District Budget Revision #2 and the Second Interim Report for 2016-17 

Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) Information


AB 97, signed by Governor Brown on July 1, 2013, established the Local Control Funding Formula, or LCFF. The formula does not replace Proposition 98—the initiative passed by voters that requires a minimum percentage of the state budget be spent on education—and leaves a specific list of categorical funds intact.

Based on the new funding formula, K-12 schools will receive a base amount of funding for every student they serve. Schools who serve a significant population of English learners, students from low-income families, and foster youth will receive additional funds

In order to successfully implement these changes, SRCS will ensure that all members of our community are informed about the intent and the requirements of the law. Specifically,  we want to make sure that our communities understand:

Budget Update and Preliminary Budget Assumptions 13.14

Powerpoint report presented at the May 20, 2013 Board meeting.

Assistant Superintendent, Business Services (415) 492-3205

Marquand, Doug
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services

Executive Assistant (415) 492-3205

Busch, Emily
Exec. Assistant, Business Services

Business Office Support Staff

email.gif Andrea Luna - Accounting Manager

      (415) 492-3213

email.gifJeff Lippstreu - Budget Manager

      (415) 492-3239

email.gifChris Posedel - Accounting Supervisor

      (415) 491-6493

email.gifEsta Suen -Payroll Coordinator

       (415) 492-3209

email.gifDave Burke -Account Clerk III

       (415) 492-3208

email.gifJoni Gawronski -Account Clerk III

       (415) 492-3214

email.gifJohn Coffrini -Purchasing Assistant

       (415) 492-3210

     Jessica Ochoa - Payroll Technician

      (415) 492-3258

email.gifJose Rosales- Payroll Technician

       (415) 492-3258

email.gifLilian Perez - Administrative Assistant, Student Transportation and Enrollment

       (415) 492-3226 

     Clelia Lucero - Secretary II,Student Transportation and Enrollment

     (415) 492-3236


2015-16 Adopted Budget Reports

2015-16 Budget Reports

2014-15 Unaudited Actuals

2014-15 Budget Reports

2014-15 Adopted Budget Reports

2013-2014 Budget Reports

2013-2014 Adopted Budget Reports

2012- 2013 Budget Reports

2012-2013 Adopted Budget Reports

2011-2012 Budget Reports

2010 - 2011 Budget Reports