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Did you know?

  • Your username is your last name for logging on to subfinder
  • If locked out of the system, close your internet browser and then open a new one to try again
  • If you have questions regarding your sick or vacation leave, contact Jessica Urwin at 415-492-3215
  • Personal Necessity days must be approved by your supervisor/principal in advance, except for situations in which prior notice is not possible.    (Refer to your collective bargaining agreement for details)

Our Substitute Pay Rate is increasing!


San Rafael City Schools is pleased to announce that the pay rate for Substitute Teachers is increasing effective January 1, 2016!  See our new Salary Schedule here

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Toll Free Subfinder Phone Number: 866-326-6441 

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"The San Rafael City Schools Human Resources Department provides excellence in personnel leadership in support of our staff, students, and their families, and exemplifies the mission of San Rafael City Schools.

We succeed by delivering superior customer service through recruiting and retaining our staff in a caring, trustworthy manner, which contributes to the success of San Rafael City Schools."

 "El Departamento de Recursos Humanos de las Escuelas de la ciudad de San Rafael provee excelencia en liderazgo personal en apoyo a nuestros trabajadores, estudiantes y sus familias y demuestra la misión de las Escuelas de la ciudad de San Rafael.

  Nosotros somos exitosos al ofrecer servicios superiores a nuestros clientes a través de reclutamiento, y de mantener a nuestro personal de una manera confiable y cuidadosa, la cual contribuye al éxito de las Escuelas de la ciudad de San Rafael."

Karen Moncayo, HR Specialist I - Sub Finder

Karen Moncayo, HR Specialist I - Sub Finder

Hours: 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Phone: 492-3212

Classified Employees: If you are going to be absent, please leave me a message with your name, (spell the last name), reason for the absence, your position, your site, and if a substitute is required. Please speak slowly and clearly so that I can ascertain who is calling. I will then contact your site and let someone in the office know that you will be out for the day. Custodians, Food Service, and Maintenance staff, please call your supervisor directly to report your absence.