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K - 5 Math Resources

Math Lessons - Resources

These are resources created or found by SRCS teachers for SRCS teachers.

Ten Frames to 20

99 Chart Inquiries

100's chart lessons

Kinder Lesson - Number Sense 1.0

Board Math by Redwood City


Management, Involvement, Focus, Feedback

The MIFF strategies were pioneered by the Math Matters Project from West Ed.  Many teachers have participated in Math Matters workshops and have incorporated these strategies into their teaching practice. 

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Download MIFF strategies

Modes of Response Ideas from SRCS teachers


Where do I find the assessments from the Kindergarten and First Grade Binder?

  • Log In to your school website
  • Click the groups icon in the top right corner of your portal
  • Open the group - K - 6 Mathematics Resources, Discussion, Support

You will find folders to the right of the group forum with these assessments.