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SRCS Update 04/17/20: Upcoming Town Hall re: Grading & Other District Updates
Posted 4/18/20

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April 17, 2020


Dear San Rafael City Schools’ Community:


Today marks Day 20 of schools being closed in Marin due to COVID 19, not including the spring break, which is a full month of school time. Thank you all for hanging in there and helping to support our students during this extremely difficult time. As things get more desperate for some of our families who are out of work and facing health issues, know you are in our thoughts. It will be a long time until we get back to some kind of normalcy again, and in the meantime please take care of yourself and your family.  

Here are updates for the week of April 13-17.


Strong union partnerships: One huge factor that has allowed us to respond quickly and efficiently to the Coronavirus has been the amazing collaboration with our unions: SRFT (San Rafael Federation of Teachers, our high school district teachers’ union), SRTA (San Rafael Teachers Association, our elementary districts teachers’ union), and CSEA (California School Employees Association, our classified workers' union). In a time when many school districts have not yet begun remote learning due to lack of an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with their union, we have encountered nothing but cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork with our teachers' unions. We communicate regularly, and their input and counsel has been invaluable over the past month. Likewise, we were able to develop an MOU with CSEA within days of the crisis occurring, which allowed us to determine the conditions under which our classified staff would work on site. Many thanks to our union partners!


Grading: We are in the process of gathering input from teachers, students, counselors, parents and administrators so that I can make a recommendation concerning grading for our high school students. We are also researching what the colleges and universities are doing, as well as tracking what California school districts have decided. In an effort to understand all perspectives regarding fourth quarter grading for our high school students, we will be holding a second Town Hall to gather more input and to answer questions. Please join us for one of the below options:

  • Town Hall (Spanish): Wednesday, April 22 at 5:00PM - Led by Deputy Superintendent Dr. Perez
  • Town Hall (English): Thursday, April 23 at 5:00PM - Led by Superintendent Hogeboom

*Link to both: (Please note, you do not need to have Facebook in order to see the Town Hall. Just click on the link above and you’ll be able to watch!)

Based on the discussion at the Town Hall and our research where equity is at the forefront; I will be making a recommendation to the Board of Trustees on Monday, April 27 at 6:00 PM. Please plan to join us virtually. The agenda will be posted later next week on the District's Agenda Online Homepage.


Mental Health & Wellness: With the COVID-19 breakout, times are stressful and there is cause for fear and anxiety for many of us. These feelings during an infectious disease outbreak are normal and common. However, there are things we can do to support ourselves, our family and our friends. It is important to manage screen time for all of us during this time also. The table below provides some excellent suggestions for mind, body and spirit activities as well (source: Illinois State Board of Education). We also update our website with other mental health & wellness resources.


Summary for Additional Activities
Mind Body Spirit Environment Family

-Reading, e.g., independent reading, listening to someone else read, audiobooks

-Puzzles, Word Searches

-Write a story or in a journal

-Count money

-Draw a map of your neighborhood

-Building with blocks or Legos

-Listen to a podcast

-Watch a documentary

-Take a walk



-Fine/gross motor activities

-Stretch or do yoga

-Play a sport


-Listen to music or sing 

-Playing (inside or outside)

-Creative arts

-Coloring or drawing

-Imaginative play


-Do something you’ve been avoiding


-Clean up your room

-Do age appropriate chores


-Fix something broken

-Take care of pets or plants

-Cook or bake


-Write a letter to someone

-Play board games with a family member

-Tell jokes or riddles

-Build a fort and tell stories in it

-Offer to help someone


Remote Learning: During the week of April 27, you will see a survey requesting your feedback on Remote Learning. This survey will be sent to all families and educators, and to our students in middle and high school. We will follow this up with a third Town Hall in a similar format to above: Town Hall in Spanish on May 6th and Town Hall in English on May 7th, both commencing at 5:00PM. 

Dine11 Canal: We have been in discussion with a newly formed organization that is providing relief to both Canal area restaurants and residents during the economic slowdown from COVID-19. Dine11 Canal has identified several restaurants in the Canal area from which to purchase meals with solicited donations through their fiscal agent, Be the Influence, a 501(c)(3) corporation where donations are tax-deductible. Coupons for free meals at any of these participating restaurants will be distributed to families in need at Bahia Vista Elementary School and through the Canal Alliance during their regular distribution hours for food assistance. It's a win-win for Canal restaurants and families! For more information and to donate, please go to Dine11Canal.


Jim Hogeboom
San Rafael City Schools