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SRCS 2/5/21 Update: Safe Super Bowl Celebrations; Grades 6-12 Reentry; COVID Dashboard; Looking Ahead to 2021-22 & More
Posted 2/5/21

Dear San Rafael City Schools Community,

We have a number of important updates this week. Please read on, and thanks for all you continue to do during this pandemic!

Safe Super Bowl Celebrations
I am a big football fan and am looking forward to the big game on Sunday! However, Marin is seeing a steady downward trend in case rates, and now is not the time to put our progress at risk by gathering in groups (especially indoors) to watch the Super Bowl. It's just not worth it! I join our public health officials in urging everyone to play it safe this weekend so we can prevent another surge. Below are important reminders from Marin Health and Human Services (click here to learn more).

Small private gatherings are allowed in Marin again, but only outdoors and with the following restrictions:

  • Masks and physical distancing are required
  • No more than three separate households should attend (including the host’s)
  • Gatherings should be two hours or less
  • Those with COVID-19 symptoms must not attend
  • Those at high risk of severe illness strongly encouraged not to attend
  • Singing, shouting, chanting, or cheering strongly discouraged

Grades 6-12 Reentry Plans
We continue to make progress on the next steps for in-person learning at all grade levels, and we'll focus our re-entry discussion at our upcoming Feb. 8 Board meeting on our secondary schools (grades 6-12). Specifically, we'll review what actions have been taken at schools to ensure safety, as well as discuss the instructional models - how the hybrid learning programs will look and feel for students and teachers. 

As a reminder, we have an agreement to implement a phased-in approach for our middle schools, which will begin after Marin is in the Red Tier for two weeks and no sooner than March 1. We’re also exploring the idea of using a phased-in approach for our high schools, potentially by first having in-person Advisory to help orient students to the campus and become accustomed to the safety measures, and then soon after implementing the hybrid learning schedule. Again, more details will be shared at the Board meeting on Monday. 

We’re making a lot of progress with our plans for the “Modified Day” schedule for grades TK-5, and we’ll provide an update on that work in the near future! 

COVID-19 Dashboard Launches
In an effort to provide transparent and accurate information to the community, we have created a dashboard to track COVID-19 cases for SRCS students and employees. The dashboard includes the number of positive confirmed cases for students and employees who have been on campus within close contact of others for SRCS or school supervised instruction or activities. It reports cases that potentially impact individuals’ health and wellness at our schools or offices. The dashboard will be updated weekly on Fridays by 5 pm. Learn more and view the dashboard at

Kaiser Vaccine Clinic at TLHS
I am proud to share that the Terra Linda High School gymnasium and a portion of their parking lot will be used for Kaiser Permanente’s vaccine distribution. Kaiser has committed to being a good neighbor and to getting the COVID-19 vaccine to its members and communities as soon as the vaccine supply increases. 

Our agreement with Kaiser does not impact TLHS's reopening plans or timeline. We will be able to re-open TLHS without using the gym, particularly in the first phases of our reentry, so both can happen at the same time if necessary. We see this as one small way that SRCS can contribute to making a difference at such a critical time in this pandemic; I believe that when everyone works together, our greater Marin community will benefit with a brighter, healthier future.

Looking Ahead to 2021-22
As we continue to work towards bringing students back on campus this year, we are also planning ahead for the 2021-22 school year. Marin Health and Human Services anticipates that, while still present, COVID will not impact our schools in the same significant way it has this year. Vaccinations, testing and the precautions we are taking make it possible for the 2021-22 school to look far more like the typical school year than what we have experienced since March 2020. This is our goal.

At this time, we are planning to have all of our students on campus from the beginning of the school year. I do think that we will continue to have significant precautions in place to ensure that we are keeping our students, teachers, staff and community safe, including the continued use of masks and handwashing. We will continue to follow all public health guidance as we move forward.

TK-5 HeadsUp Enrichment Parent Webinar
HeadsUp recently relaunched the virtual TK-5 enrichment program, and they hosted a parent webinar to discuss the changes and improvements. Click here for a recording of the 20-minute session.

Thank you to our entire SRCS community for your support and partnership!


Jim Hogeboom