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Preschool Information

Philosophy: The San Rafael City Schools State Preschool program aims to prepare each child to be a lifelong learner. We provide opportunities to meet each child’s need for emotional, physical, social, cognitive and creative growth. We provide a safe, stable and culturally appropriate environment that actively involves children in acquiring the skills needed to succeed in school and beyond. We want our children to develop problem-solving skills, independence, perseverance and the skills to work positively and respectfully with others. Teachers actively nurture positive outcomes for children through effective teaching practices, well-planned and implemented curriculum and assessment.

Family Resources

All About Young Children:

Information for Families on Children's Early Development 

This resource provides information about social-emotional development, language development and literacy, number sense, and physical development from birth to age five.  

Available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Tagalog, Hmong, and Chinese.

State Preschool

The California State Preschool Program (CSPP), funded by the California Department of Education’s Child Development Division, is a preschool program for qualifying children between the ages of three and five years old.  San Rafael City Schools State Preschool is available at Bahia Vista and San Pedro.


Child Care Family Fee Schedule

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