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School Plans

Single Plans for Student Achievement

Each of the San Rafael City Schools spends a significant amount of time developing a Single Plan for Student Achievemnt (SPSA).  The SPSA is a schoolwide plan of action intended to improve the academic performance of all students.  State guidelines require that the SPSA include the following components:


  • Identification of site-specific achievement goals based on a variety of student performance data.

  • Description of specific instructional strategies to accelerate student learning.

  • Description of the ways in which student progress will be monitored on a regular basis.

  • Identification of interventions for students not achieving.

  • Determination of the necessary professional development for staff.

  • Delineation of strategies for parent communication and involvement.

  • Estimation of costs and funding sources.

  • Consultation with other site advisory groups.

SPSAs are developed, reviewed, and revised collaboratively by the School Site Council (SSC).

School Site Council

A School Site council (SSC) is a legally-required community group that provides school staff members, parents, community members, and students a voice in improving achievement.

SSC Overview  PowerPoint

SSC Handbook


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