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Scholastic Reading Counts

What is Reading Counts?

Scholastic Reading Counts is a program available to all students in grades 2 - 10.  Students log on to the computer network to the SRI account, then they open the Reading Counts program.  They log on to SRC using the same username and password they use for SRI assessments.  Listen to Adam Treewater tell about how he uses Reading Counts in his classroom.

Teacher Notes on SRC

My kids also love to use Reading Counts. They are really into it!  They'll actually miss recess to take a test! Every few weeks, I will print out an update with their points.  I'll also make them little certificates for getting to certain point levels. If they don't pass a book and it's a lower level book, I will have them re-read it with an adult and then re-take the test.

Ashley Davis - 2nd Grade - Sun Valley