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About SRCS

About SRCS

San Rafael City Schools includes the San Rafael Elementary School District and the San Rafael High School District, with a total student population of approximately 7,000. The two districts are governed by one school board and one district office administration. The District consists of 6 TK-5 schools, a TK-8 school, a middle school, two comprehensive high schools and a continuation high school. 

Grounded in our vision for student success, we undertook an extensive journey with our greater community to develop our strategic plan - Together 2024. It describes our District values of equity, community and joy, as well as our culture, goals and strategic actions. The District's Graduate Profile articulates the skills needed to succeed in this rapidly changing world, and we committed to developing these skills so every student graduates ready to pursue their goals.

The SRCS community ensures that every student receives an empowering education. High expectations and skillful individualized instruction enable each student to embrace their own learning, think critically and experience success. Our welcoming school climate ensures that our diverse community of students, families, staff and community members are treated with dignity and respect, creating opportunities for participation, engagement and support. Every student graduates college and/or career ready, able to take responsibility for a future that includes life-long learning. 

Our Values

Equity: We honor individual identity and experience, work to address racism in all its forms and to eliminate barriers to student success.
Community: We welcome, value and support every member of our district and seek to promote belonging and inclusivity for all.
Joy: We engage in meaningful learning through positive energy, enthusiasm, and humor and affirm our individual worth and value.

Our Culture

SRCS will ensure that a safe, supportive and collaborative learning environment is in place at each school and throughout the district that aligns with our key values of equity, community and joy. The key actions we will take to ensure a positive culture include the following:

  • Affirm: We will encourage and uplift our students and staff and provide positive feedback and celebrate their success with joy.
  • Connect: We will discover student’s and staff’s needs and interests to ensure they feel valued, known and supported as we meet their needs and ensure equity.
  • Engage: We will meet and greet and get to know each and every student and staff in our schools to ensure they feel welcomed, included and part of our school community.

Our Graduate Profile

Our Graduate Profile articulates the skills needed to succeed in this rapidy changing world. SRCS is committed to developing these skills in our schools and classrooms so every student graduates ready to pursue their goals. 

  • Communicator: I share my point of view, my work, my art in ways that are clear and engaging. I listen to understand. I consider the needs, expectations, and culture of my audience. I can communicate through a variety of media, including digital, and choose the right medium for the message. My writing is well-crafted and persuasive. I speak with skill and confidence. I can present myself professionally.
  • Critical Thinker: I reason. I break problems into parts that can be named, studied, and understood. I take time to consider an idea before accepting or rejecting it. I consider multiple perspectives. I subject sources to careful scrutiny. I make judgments based on the analysis of data and the weighing of evidence. 
  • Collaborator: I can work with others toward a common goal. I know how and when to step up or step back. I apply my strengths toward team success, and teammates can depend on me. I can give and receive feedback constructively. I seek a diversity of perspectives. Through respect and trust-building, I can work across lines of difference and toward consensus. 
  • Problem Solver: I ask questions. I seek solutions to problems by considering various approaches, drawing on available resources, and thinking creatively. I apply known problem-solving techniques to new and unfamiliar contexts. Anticipating obstacles, I persist and adapt my approach as needed. 
  • Reflective Learner: Through effort, practice, and regular reflection, I improve. I attend to my emotional, mental, and physical well-being. I learn from success, failure, and feedback. I nurture my passions and creative talents. I organize my time, tap resources, and sustain the focus I need to reach the goals that I set for myself. I have a vision for my future and a plan to get there.
  • Community Advocate: I am a valuable member of many communities—local and global—and I work to make those communities stronger and healthier (including the beautifully diverse city of San Rafael). I develop knowledge of and take pride in my various social and cultural identities. I understand, respect, and celebrate the identities of others. I stand up for inclusion and against prejudice. I develop the skills to advance justice.

Our Goals

  • Student Success: San Rafael City Schools ensures that every student graduates with a profound love for learning, experiences a learning environment that is nurturing and engaging, and develops the necessary skills to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.
  • Staff Success: San Rafael City Schools is dedicated to attracting, developing and retaining culturally responsive teachers and staff that purposefully serve every student.
  • Community Engagement: San Rafael City Schools values every member of our community and is committed to actively engaging our parents, community organizations and the broader community to ensure the success of every student.
  • Systems and Structures: San Rafael City Schools creates intentional and equitable systems and structures that monitor, adjust and improve outcomes for students, particularly our most vulnerable.



Every student will be a confident learner, an effective communicator, a critical thinker and a positive contributor to the global community.


Lifting student achievement. Every student, every day.


We Believe:

  • Every student has a fundamental right to a quality education that supports their path to achieve their full potential.
  • Students thrive in physically, and emotionally safe environments that are conducive to learning for all.
  • Students, families, staff and community members are empowered and responsible for the success of our students.
  • Our community has a shared responsibility for everyone’s success and encourages everyone’s participation.
  • We value integrity, honesty, and truthfulness and believe in the inherent dignity and worth of every individual

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