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District Surplus Properties

District Surplus Properties

Recent Declaration of Surplus
At its March 11 meeting, the SRCS Board of Education reaffirmed the surplus designation of four district properties - McPhail, Glenwood Marsh, Old Gallinas, and the North Corporation Yard.

Board action declaring a property surplus, or reaffirming that a property continues to remain surplus, does not mean that it necessarily will be leased or sold. The Board must take subsequent action declaring its intent to lease or sell a surplus property if it determines it wishes to do so. The Board has not taken such action, and at this time, the Board is simply reaffirming that these properties remain surplus.

Authorizing District staff to solicit interest in various disposition mechanisms (lease, sale, lease with option to purchase) provides the Board with numerous options to consider. This will allow the Board to make an informed decision about whether to retain or dispose of one or more of the sites in the future.

Priority Offerings
In order to get a better idea as to how our community feels about these current sites; to gauge interest in the properties; and to be diligent in the process, the District voluntarily sent priority offering notices to nonprofit charitable/public benefit corporations and public entities, including City and County park and recreation departments. 

Written Offer Content 

  • Written offers of intent must:
    • Identify the surplus site that is the subject of the offer;
    • Notify the District of its intent to purchase, lease, or lease with the option to purchase the site or portion thereof;
    • Include price or lease payment offer; and
    • Include any other information relevant to the offer
  • Only nonprofit charitable/public benefit corporations and public entities, including City and County park and recreation departments postmarked no later than May 31, 2024. 
  • Mail to San Rafael City School 310 Nova Albion Way, San Rafael, CA. 94903 or

Public Q&A Sessions
We are hosting public informational meetings for questions and answers for each property. All meetings take place at the SRCS District Office, 310 Nova Albion Way, in the Board room on the second floor. 

The sessions will be recorded for those unable to attend.

All four sites have previously gone through the 7-11 Committee process, in some instances numerous times. Reconvening a 7-11 Committee again for each site is not required. Moreover, the actions under consideration are consistent with the 7-11 Committee recommendations previously made, thus any additional benefits that might be gained from repeating this process, again, would be minimal, if any. 

While the District is not required to reissue priority offering notices for these sites that previously went through 7-11 process, the District’s Board believes that soliciting current interest in all four sites simultaneously from public entities and nonprofits is the best way to determine current interest and facilitate informed decision making.  

It is the District’s desire to make the highest and best use of these properties, which could include many outcomes per individual property, including maintaining status quo; enhancing existing partnerships in new ways through leases; etc. We look forward to receiving written responses from public entities and nonprofits who are interested in using or acquiring these sites, and engaging in further conversations with them about how these properties might potentially be used to benefit our students, our community and the financial health of the District.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)