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Making Video

Making Video

The Internet gives us access to a huge amount of information, along with images, audio and video.  In their private lives, many students are using these resources, and learning how to create exciting new products using audio, visual content available on the web.

See notes at the bottom of this page for more recommendations based on what we have available in San Rafael City Schools.

How can we guide students to use these resources without violating intellectual property rights? The report embedded abopve gives up to date information about copyright as it applies to educators and students.  It also has an annotated guide to  a number of free, web based resources you and your students can use to create and share audio and video. 

If you wish to have students present things they create at school using one of these services, you should test it to be sure it works on the school browsers and network before you recommend it.


Sharing Video and more Web 2.0 tools

Calaxy for California K - 12 Educators

Embedding Video in your School Webpage

This is an option for webmasters at school sites, they need to check embedded video to be sure it is free from viruses or malware, then they can post it for you. Or, you can create a library in Calaxy (see above) of your videos and put a link to that library on your teacher web section.

 Audio Recording:  Podcasting

 Garage Band - Application is on the Mac Network for use at school